Introducing Bubble Football

Bubble Football is perfect for birthdays, corporate events, team building activities and general fun!

How to play? Each player is inside an inflated bubble from the knees up, preventing them from injury. Use the bubbles to bump and bounce off each other, while attempting to play a game of football!

Who can play? Anyone above 150 cm. Works well for adult groups too!

Where? Beijing Riviera for 500 rmb or any location of your choosing, just let us know where and we'll bring the bubbles!

How many participants? Minimum of 8, no maximum. Groups larger than 10 can take turns with the bubbles.

How much? 1600 rmb for 8 bubbles, or 2000 rmb for 10 bubbles.

To book a Party email us at or call 18311123237 or fill out a form on our website at

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