Civilisation Game for Tsinghua and German Schools

Great Team-building Day for Tsinghua International School

Wonderful Team-building activity in the 'Aofan Sailing Club' in Beijing for the teachers and administrative personnel of Tsinhua International School. The fun activities for the day were: Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddle Boards, Rafting and and different fun water games.

Cooperation with Rise English going great!

Imagival, China’s biggest adventure activity festival is now open for sign-up!

Over five days, kids will experience tons of Imagine’s most exciting activities in exciting locations all around Beijing. A combination of a trip, a tour, a festival and a party, Imagival is a truly unique week. For the first three days, we take kids on buses from beijing out to the nature, back in time for dinner at home each night. Then days 4 and 5 are the biggest adventure, when students stay out overnight for a giant Civilisation Game, returning on Friday afternoon.

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