Bubble Football Party

Imagine. is hosting a Bubble Party! Every last Tuesday of the month- starting next week!







On July 28th, join us for bubble football fun at Chaoyang Park's Football Field. We will be rolling, bouncing, and crashing from 7-11pm.

Adults only- bring some drinks and bounce the day away with us inside your very own bubble.



Tickets sold online for 100 RMB and at the door for 150 RMB.

New Survival Camp Video!

New Survival Camp Video!
The new video of Survival Camp is out! Making fires, building rafts, crossing rivers, making traps and tools, cooking fish, building shelters... Survival Camp takes you to the great outdoors to learn what nature has to offer. View the video here.

Logo Competition results

Logo Competition Results
We are pleased to announce that the results of the Imagine. Logo Competition 2015 have come out, you can click here to go to the results page directly. Thank you for your participation and support to our event, we hope to see you again soon!

Win a free Summer Camp of your choosing

What do you see?

Our logo is designed to look like anything you can Imagine. Is it a target? A desert island? A CD? The sun in the sky? We want to know what it looks like to you!

The Contest:

Show us what our logo looks like to you. You can use coloured pencils, paint, clay, lego, paper, anything you like! Don’t be afraid to change it – the most Imaginative submission wins!

How to submit:
Simply send a photo of your creation from your phone, to our official WeChat account. The deadline is Sunday 14th June.

The prize is a free summer camp of your choosing. It can be a Knight School camp, Sailing camp or Survival camp.
If you win, we will display your submission at the very top of our website, replacing the big Imagine. logo for a week!

** All submissions will be rewarded with a free fridge magnet (if you supply your address) and many submissions will be displayed on our website **

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Introducing Bubble Football

Bubble Football is perfect for birthdays, corporate events, team building activities and general fun!

How to play? Each player is inside an inflated bubble from the knees up, preventing them from injury. Use the bubbles to bump and bounce off each other, while attempting to play a game of football!

Who can play? Anyone above 150 cm. Works well for adult groups too!

Where? Beijing Riviera for 500 rmb or any location of your choosing, just let us know where and we'll bring the bubbles!

How many participants? Minimum of 8, no maximum. Groups larger than 10 can take turns with the bubbles.

How much? 1600 rmb for 8 bubbles, or 2000 rmb for 10 bubbles.

To book a Party email us at info@imagine-china.com or call 18311123237 or fill out a form on our website at www.imagine-china.com/bubble-football/

The Knight School Video is here!


What happens at the Knight School camp?

Students will learn swords play, archery, and how to ride a horse. They will make chainmail, build a trebuchet, and even slay a dragon! Check out the video below! For registration, go to the Knight School page www.imagine-china.com/knight-school/

Private Sailing Lessons now Available!

Private Sailing lessons with an English speaking instructor are now available at the Shunyi Olympic rowing lake!

Anyone can take private sailing lessons, from 7-year-olds to adults.
Lessons are 1500 rmb for 2 hours.
Maximum of 2 people per lesson.

To book a lesson simply go to www.imagine-china.com/sailing-lessons/ and fill out an interest form, or contact us at watersports@imagine-china.com or call 18311123237

Show off your rollerblading skills this May 31st at BIRDS!

This May 31st Imagine.Rollerblading is holding a Rollerblading tournament at Dulwich College, Legend Garden Campus.

Beijing International Rollerblading Day for Schools is an exciting chance for Students to work as a team and compete in various rollerblading events.

The morning will start with Head to head track races & Relay races.
There will be one hour of optional freestyle coaching.
In the afternoon students can show off their tricks in the freestyle event.
We’ll end the tournament with a game of Rollerball. (Don’t know what Rollerball is? Don’t worry, the rules are simple, anyone can play and everyone will be taught on the day!)

Admission fee is 350 rmb per participant.

Ages 6-18 can enter (Various categories)

To view the full itinerary or to sign up please go to the BIRDS page, www.imgaine-china.com/BIRDS

For more information please feel free to contact us at rollerblading@imagine-china.com or give us a call at 18311123237

Shout! Rock Choir Starts a new season April 15th!

Shout! Rock Choir is a fun group for adults, meeting weekly in various Beijing locations. We take pop and rock songs and arrange them into multi-section pieces ready for all abilities.
Not an experienced singer? No problem! Our professional singing coaches from Ukraine and USA guide the group in a friendly and supportive way.

We meet Wednesdays 10am-12pm at Beijing Riviera and Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm.

It is 100 rmb per session, there are 8 sessions starting April 15/16 and ending June 3/4

Come along for a free trial on any of the following dates:
April 15th (Beijing Riviera) April 16th (BSB Sanlitun)
April 22nd (Beijing Riviera) April 23rd (BSB Sanlitun)
April 29th (Beijing Riviera) April 30th (BSB Sanlitun)

To get involved visit the Shout! Rock Choir page (www.imagin-china.com/shout) and fill out an interest form, no commitment necessary. You can even watch a video to see what we’re all about.

For more information feel free to contact us at choir@imagine-china.com or call us at 18311123237

Hope to see you there!