Huairou, Beijing

25th, 26th, 27th of September 2018 (3 days)

Sign Up Deadline: Monday 17th of September

Language: English

Price: 2600 RMB

Activity Outline

In Imagine’s Civilisation Game, the students are challenged to build up their own civilisation from scratch in a beautiful riverside forest setting in Huairou. The group will first be given a training course in Survival Skills which may come in useful for their challenge, such as how to use tools safely, build a shelter, build a raft, make a fire and understand the natural elements, plants and wildlife around them. After this training, they will be taken to an empty forest space, with basic tools and materials, and the Civilisation Game will begin. By the end of the two days, they will have built their own structures, found ways to cook food, and organised themselves into effective teams with structures of governance, laws, and other features of a modern society. They may even trade and negotiate with other teams, for mutual prosperity across the civilisations. This will be concluded with a discussion of which systems and approaches were most effective, and what they have learned from this experience.

The game covers a broad range of skills and topics: Teamwork, law and order, governance, systems, efficiency and effectiveness, negotiations, trade, economic principals, bushcraft and survival skills, wildlife knowledge, leadership, and social skills. All while having fun and making close new friendships. What better way to start the year, than to get a taste of independent life!


在 Imagine 的文明帝国游戏中,学员会接受一系列从零开始建立自己部落文明的挑战, 营地会设立在怀柔地区一处美丽的河边森林。课程开始的时候,Imagine 教练会给每个组进行 实用的生存技巧培训,例如任何安全地使用工具,搭建森林庇护所,做竹筏,生火以及了解自 然元素,植物和周边的野生动物。在培训结束之后,学员会被带到一处相对空旷的森林区域, 我们会提供一些基础的工具和材料,然后开始部落文明建立的游戏。通过三天的时间,学员们 需要建立自己的构架,找到烹饪食物的方法,组织建立高效的团队,行政结构,律法,以及现 代社会包含的更多方面。团队之间也会要通过沟通,交易来实现跨部落的共同发展。在总结阶 段,我们会讨论什么样的系统和方法才是最高效的,学员能从本次活动中有所收获。



To help throughout their adventures, the students will be accompanied by Imagine’s international, multi-lingual team of experienced survival instructors. Many BIBS students have already been taught by Imagine team on the summer Survival Camp and also the BIBS Ski Trips each year. In addition, for four years Imagine have run school trips and activities for most of Beijing’s big international schools, including Harrow, ISB, CISB, BIBA, Daystar, Joy El, Tsinghua International School, Shanghai Wellington College etc, all with an excellent safety record. The team have passed various qualifications such as First Aid, Wilderness First Aid (WFA), survival instructing qualifications from the Bushcraft and Survival Association, and many also hold university degrees in outdoor education, ski instructing qualifications and much more. The team regularly go on survival expeditions, and carry out location-specific risk assessments (RAMs) to ensure the highest level of safety. Imagine are also well known among the international school community from 4 years of camping trips, parkour camps, rollerblading courses, watersports camps, ski lessons, survival camps, and Imagine’s annual ski competition, ISSCC. Imagine is a British-owned company, fully registered in Beijing.


为了帮助学员更好地完成这次冒险,我们 Imagine 国际专业的户外教练团队会全程 陪同教学。很多 BIBS 学生可能已经参加 过我们的生存夏令营或者滑雪活动。在过 去的四年中,Imagine 每年都组织很多包 括 Harrow, ISB, CISB,BIBA,上海 Wellington 等国际学校的郊游,我们致 力于打造安全,寓教于乐的环境。我们的 教练团队通过了多项专业认证,包括急 救,野外急救,BSA 野外生存教练认

证,有些教练持有与户外教育相关的大学学位,国际滑雪教练证和其他相关项目认证。我们的 团队也会定期进行户外考察,执行教学点的风险评估来最大程度保障营地安全。此外, Imagine 在过去 4 年的户外营,跑酷,轮滑,水上运动,滑雪,野外生存,年度滑雪比赛等项 目中累计了很好的口碑。公司注册地为北京,法人为英国人士。



  • 8:15am- Meet at BIBS School, drive up to Huairou
  • 9:45am- Arrive, walk to site
  • 10am- Outdoor activity
  • 12- Lunch (packed lunch)
  • 1-5.30pm- Outdoor activity
  • 6pm- Dinner (some groups cook on fire in Civilisation, some in restaurant)
  • 8.30pm- Downtime in rooms


  • 8am Breakfast in restaurant
  • 9am Outdoor activity
  • 12 - Lunch (some groups cook on fire in Civilisation, some in restaurant)
    1-5.30pm- Outdoor activity
  • 6pm- Dinner (some groups cook on fire in Civilisation, some in restaurant)
  • 9pm- Downtime in rooms


  •  8-9am Breakfast in restaurant. (Group 6 A-F)
  • 8.15-9am Breakfast in restaurant (Group 7 A-C)
  • 8.30-9am Breakfast in restaurant (Group 8 A-C)
  • 9am-11.30am Meet at reception. Outdoor Activity. (Groups 6 A & B Hiking, C & D Team Building, E & F Raft Building. Groups 7 A- C Team Building, 8 A-C Water Obstacle Course)
  • 11.30-1145am- Groups not doing water sports Check Out of rooms. (6 A,B,C,D. 8 A,B,C) Put bags in KTV room. Pupils hand in keys to allocated BIBS teacher.
  • 1145am-1215 Lunch. (All groups in restaurant)
  • 12.15pm- 2pm Outdoor Activity. (Groups 6 A & B Team Building, C & D Hiking, E & F Water Obstacle, 7 A- C Raft Building, 8 A- C Team Building)
  • 2-2.45pm Groups that finish water sports Check Out of rooms. (6 E,F. 7 A,B,C) Hand in keys to allocated BIBS teacher.

All groups meet at reception. Go to toilet before return journey.

  • 3pm-4.30pm Board bus ready to leave Huariou.
  • 4.45pm Pupils departing BIBS school-bus to go home.



  • 早上 8:15- 在 BIBS 学校集合, 出发去怀柔
  • 早上 9:45- 到达,步行至营地
  • 早上 10:00- 户外活动
  • 中午 12:00- 午餐 (自备的午餐)
  • 下午 1-5.30- 户外活动
  • 下午 6:00- 晚餐 (部分团队可在营地自己生火做饭, 部分团队可在餐厅用餐)
  • 晚上 8.30- 回房间休整


  • 早上 8:00 餐厅早餐
  • 早上 9:00 户外活动
  • 中午 12:00 午餐 (部分团队可在营地自己生火做饭, 部分团队可在餐厅用餐)
  • 下午 1-5.30-户外活动
    下午 6:00-晚餐 (部分团队可在营地自己生火做饭,
  • 部分团队可在餐厅用餐)
  • 晚上 9:00- 回房间休整


How to sign up?

Please fill in the form below with the information of the participant. After doing so, you will receive information on your email address on how to pay. You can use WeChat Payment, Alipay or Bank Transfer.

What to Wear and Bring

Participants should wear: Clothes and shoes that can get dirty, suitable for the forest (no flip flops or high heels)

Participants should bring: Lunch box for the first day, a plate or bowl, fork or spoon, water bottle, cup; 3 changes of clothes for the forest; another sets of clothes that can get wet (or swimming gear); an extra pair of shoes that can get wet e.g. watersports shoes or old sports shoes; personal medication; towel; raincoat; sunhat/sunglasses; some cash for snacks

Please do not bring: knives, lighters, cooking equipment

Price and Financial Info Price per student: 2600 RMB

Provided by Imagine: Instructors, Equipment, Entrance tickets, Shared rooms in accommodation, Two breakfasts, Two lunches, Two dinners, Outdoor Activity Insurance, Water, Fapiao.

Provided by School: Accompanying Teachers


After filling the form below, a WeChat QR code will pop up which you can use to pay the amount. Please pay the amount of 2600 RMB


Daniel Jones +86 13552497267

Caleb Archer - BIBS school



穿着推荐: 便于清洗的衣服和鞋, 适合森林环境 (请勿穿着拖鞋或高跟鞋)。
行李必备: 餐具,餐盘,碗,水杯,两套适合森林活动的备用换洗衣物,两套适合下水 的衣物(或游泳装备),备用一双可以下水的鞋 ,例如水上运动鞋或旧的鞋子,个人医 药用品,浴巾,雨衣,遮阳帽/太阳镜,100 元零花钱。
请勿携带: 刀具, 打火机, 炊具。

价格政策 每名学员: 2600 RMB

Imagine 提供: 教练,装备,场地门票, 标间住宿, 两顿早餐, 两顿午餐, 两顿晚餐, 户外 活动保险, 饮用水. (需要发票请联系 Imagine 客服)

学校提供: 陪同教师

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