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Activity Prices and More

The activity lasts approximately 1.5 – 2 hours, including many fun games. Groups larger than 10 can take it in turns.

Any age, height 115 – 185cm.

2500 rmb (8-10 people – 1 instructor)
3500 rmb (11-20 people – 2 instructors)





2500元(8-10人  / 一个教练)
3500元(11-20人  / 两个教练)

预定泡泡派对 info@imagine-china.com 或致电 57394933



Check our Venues
  • Football Pitch in 798 Art District (700 RMB)
  • Chaoyang Park mini football pitch (700 RMB)
  • Various indoor locations (please enquire)
  • YooZoo Football Pitch (游族元素足球公园)崔各庄路8号 Near Maquanying and ShanGeZhuang Subway
  • Beijing Riviera Football Pitch (Residents only)
  • ISB Dome (available to school parents only)
  • WAB Indoor Space (available to school parents only)

Provide your own space (e.g. at your local sports centre or school)

FAQ 常见问题

What happens in a Bubble Football activity? / 活动介绍

Imagine instructors first give a safety introduction, lead the warm-up and explain how to use the bubbles.  Then we begin with a game of Bubble Football. It is just like soccer, but wearing the bubbles. After this, the Imagine instructor will lead lots of other fun games, without the football, to let everyone have more fun. These games all involve racing, bouncing, rolling and bumping into each other in all kinds of ways. We have a long list of games, so according to your group, the instructor will choose the most fun games at the time. Activity time is usually around 2 hours. We can guarantee a lot of laughter, fun and great exercise! 


Who can play? / 适合人群

Kids and adults, between 115-190cm tall. That's approximate ages 7+. All participants must be in full health with a good physical condition, no weak joints, breathing problems, heart problems etc. Ideally, participants should be relatively sporty.


Read More / 中文翻译


Is it safe? / 安全性

The risk level is approximately the same as when playing soccer or basketball. Our instructors are trained to minimise the risk, by leading a warm-up, explaining safety rules, and taking many other precautions. However, accidents can happen in every sport, so please be careful and don’t expect it to be 100% risk-free.


How many participants? 参加人数

We have taken groups as small as 6 and as large as 110. In each bubble game, a maximum of 10 can play at one time. So if your group is larger than 10, for example with 20 people, you can take it in turns, alternating playing and rest. This works fine, as you will need to take rests anyway. With very large groups, we add other activity stations, such as team-building games, and groups alternate between bubble football and the other activities. 



Where? 地点

We take the equipment and the instructor to meet you at a venue of your choice. We have some recommended venues to choose from, please enquire if unsure. Alternatively, you can also provide your own. If providing your own, the ideal place would be a mini grass (or fake grass) football pitch, either indoor or outdoor. The exact size doesn’t matter much. Other soft surfaces such as sand can work too. Alternatively, an indoor basketball court or gym can work, as long as the ground is wooden or plastic, not concrete. 


Price 价格

  • 8 – 10 people – 1 instructor – 2500 RMB
  • 11 – 20 people – 2 instructors – 3500 RMB
  •  8 – 10 人 – 1 名教练 – 2500 元 8 – 10 人 – 1 名教练 – 2500 元
  • 11 – 20 人 – 2 名教练 – 3500 元


Booking Form

Please read thoroughly the Waiver of Liability form

Please provide an 800 RMB deposit after booking.
We accept bank transfer, WeChat, Alipay, or cash.
Details will be sent after the form is submitted.

Contact: info@imagine-china.com or call 010 5739 4933
中文咨询请拨 010 5739 4933