Survival Camp Continues in Suzhou!

Making fires, building rafts, crossing rivers, making traps and tools, cooking fish, building shelters... Survival Camp takes you to the great outdoors to learn what nature has to offer.

Each camp consist in 5 days and you can get a discount if you sign up with other 2 friends! Find out more here

Spring Survival Camp in Suzhou!

Let Imagine’s specialised survival instructors take your kids on a fascinating adventure to a forest in Suzhou, where they will learn to build shelters, make fires, navigate using the sun, cook in the wild, use tools, tie knots, track animals and all kinds of other essential outdoor skills. Transport is provided from HongQiao and MinHang districts, going there and back each day. All instructors are English-speaking westerners with professional training, and Imagine has been running Survival Camps and outdoor activities in China for many years. Ages 7-14. 700 RMB per day. 3-5th and 10-12th April 2017. Check out the full info page here!

Imagine Taiwan Officially Lauched!

We are all super excited to announce the arrival of Imagine’s brand new Taiwan branch!  Check it all out at:

As a beautiful island abundant in nature, the adventures will be endless. Imagine isn’t only offering activities to people who live there, but it is now also possible to do a trip from Beijing or Shanghai to Taiwan (or vice versa), with Imagine taking care of everything on both sides of the sea! Schools and Corporate groups, does that sound like a good plan for your next trip or what?

Big Winter Action Camp announced!


Imagine has something special for kids in China every school holidays. This time around, we have the new Big Winter Action Camp!

It is seriously action packed, check out the details on our page now!

October 4 Day Adventure to SuZhou a Great Success!

36 People had a great time doing activities as varied as survival training, bug catching, hiking, navigation training, boat rides, horse riding, go-karting and more, on a 4-day adventure from Shanghai to Suzhou!

What on earth is Bubble Football?

Check out our Bubble Football page to see what this crazy new activity in Shanghai is all about!  Bounce off each other and roll around laughing inside giant inflatable zorb balls, while attempting to play a game of football and other games...