Outdoor Climbing Day


Join us on October 22nd (Sunday) on a full-day outdoor climbing activity in Beijing with a warm-up indoor climbing on October 15th (Also Sunday)




Outdoor Climbing Day Information


Day: Sunday, October 22nd

Duration: All-day

Transport provided by us in the following picking points:

Cost: 1000 RMB per student or climbing adult

300 RMB per non-climbing adult

Where: Huairou

Ages: 7+ including adults - Families Welcome

Is equipment included?

Yes, all gear is included (Shoes too)





Indoors Climbing Warm-up Session


This is for people who wish to have a previous indoors climbing warm-up session a week before the outdoor session


Day: Sunday, October 15th

Starting Time: 2:00 PM (2 hours activity)

Transport: Please get to the location either by taxi or self-drive

Location: E.T. Climbing (Near Beijing Riviera)

Cost: 400 RMB

Ages: 7+ including adults - Families welcome




Sign Up Form / 注册表格

One form per person please! (not one form per family)








  • 早上 8:00 丽都星巴克
  • 早上 8:30 北京香江花园俱乐部
  • 早上 9:00 枯柳树环岛北 ( 近后沙峪地铁 )

Note: Warm-up Indoor Ski Session on Oct 15th does not include transport to E.T. Climbing

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