Quidditch Birthday Parties



Come and check out our newest activity which has been sweeping the non-magical world, Quidditch.


The sport was developed from the JK Rowling books about Harry Potter. The rules are similar to the magical game apart from in our Quidditch the rules have been changed due to the problem that we cannot fly.


Muggle quidditch has grown by leaps and bounds and has become and fast and competitive sport played in several countries at all ages.



FAQ’s / 常见问题

What happens in Quidditch?


Imagine instructors first give a safety introduction, lead the warm-up and explain the basics of quidditch. Each position and role is described and demonstrated to the groups and Brooms are handed out. The Instructor will then lead some short games to practice the new skills needed to play quidditch.


The instructors then split the group into two teams and start a game of quidditch, on brooms but a little closer to the ground.


The instructor will lead lots of fun games giving each person a chance to play a different position, making sure everyone has the chance to enjoy every part of quidditch. Activity time is usually around 2 hours.


We can guarantee a lot of laughter, fun, great exercise and a magical time! 


Who can play?


Kids and adults, aged 7+, All participants must be in full health with a good physical condition, no weak joints, breathing problems, heart problems etc. Ideally, participants should be relatively sporty.


Is it safe?


The risk level is approximately the same as when playing soccer or basketball. Our instructors are trained to minimise the risk, by leading a warm-up, explaining safety rules, and taking many other precautions. However, accidents can happen in every sport, so please be careful and don't expect it to be 100% risk-free.


How many participants?


In Quidditch, a maximum of 15 can play at one time. But it can have as low as 9. So if your group is larger than 15, for example with 20 people, you can take it in turns, alternating playing and rest. This works fine, as you will need to take rests anyway. With very large groups, we add other activity stations, such as team-building games, Broom design and strategy training and groups alternate between quidditch and the other activities. 




We take the equipment and the instructor to meet you at a venue of your choice. We can recommend venues to choose from, please enquire if unsure. Alternatively, you can also provide your own. If providing your own, the ideal place would be a grass (or fake grass) football pitch preferably outdoor. However, if the weather is bad then it is possible to do it inside.




  • Until 15 Participants - 3200 RMB
  • Until 22 Participants - 4500 RMB

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