Careers and Jobs

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Careers and Jobs at Imagine.

We are constantly looking to expand and develop our team. Opportunities range from part-time activity leading, which can easily fit around a second occupation, to full-time positions with fast career development paths.

All positions require:
Fluent English
Enthusiasm and Energy
A passion for the kind of activities we run

Below are some example positions, but we can also tailor job roles around your specific skill set.

Survival or rollerblading instructor
These specialist instructor positions are open for flexible part-time work, and can fit around another occupation. Survival Instructors must have good knowledge of bush craft skills and have experience leading groups of kids in other camps or physical activities.

Bubble Football and Team-building Games Activity Leader
The main skills you need for this flexible part-time role are energy, a loud voice, and a talent for keeping groups under control and leading games. No specific experience required, as you will be taught everything necessary. But you should have some experience of running games, activities or camps and keeping people engaged and entertained.

Project Manager
Exclusively for those who fit the instructor role, this extension of the role involves you in the organization of activities for your specific sport. You will take the client right through from hearing their requirements, to planning and actually running their activity. It can be part-time alongside another job, or become a full-time position in combination with other roles in the company.

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