The Award

Is the highest and most challenging award of its kind for international and bilingual school students in China for ages: 9 - 18

The Challenge

Only once you have learned a range of adventure skills and knowledge, demonstrated fitness, discipline, courage, enthusiasm and commitment, can you be considered for the Award

The Benefits

It is the ultimate proof that you are ready and prepared to take on the world, and plan and carry out your own great adventures in life. 

The Criteria

 No extra cost, no time limit, no set location. Simply register for the Award, and show Imagine each time you complete a requirement.


You can complete the Award between the ages of 9 and 18. But you may begin learning and completing stages from younger.

First you must complete:



For ages 9 ~ 12

Swim 200m without touching the bottom (any strokes)

Hold breath underwater for 30 seconds

For ages 13 ~ 18 

Swim 400m without touching the bottom (any strokes)

Hold breath underwater for 45 seconds

How to proceed?

In any swimming pool, get a video of you achieving this. Alternatively, ask a teacher to write and sign a note, confirming you have done it.



For ages 9 ~ 12

Run 2.5km 

For ages 13 ~ 18 

Run 5km

How to proceed?

Send a video of you running the distance, anywhere at all. Alternatively show us a signed note from a teacher confirming the achievement. Jogging is also ok, but no walking or stopping.



For ages 9 ~ 12

Cycle 10km

For ages 12 ~ 18 

Cycle 25km

How to proceed?


Go on a cycling adventure, anywhere at all, wearing a helmet, together with at least one responsible adult. You are allowed to stop for short breaks, but must complete it in one day. You can use any combination of video footage, photos, and records from electronic tracking devices or phone apps, whichever way you think will prove the achievement best. Alternatively if you cycle with a school teacher or coach, a note from them will be ok. 



BSA (Bushcraft and Survival Association) Levels 1 & 2 Certificates

How to proceed?

Book onto Imagine’s Survival Camp or book a private survival course for you and your friends, to learn tons of useful outdoor skills and knowledge, and work towards your Bushcraft and Survival Association (BSA) Levels 1 & 2. When you have these certificates, show them to Imagine.



Watersports Level 2

How to proceed?

Book onto Watersports Camp with Imagine, or book a private instructor for your group, to work towards your Watersports Level 1 and 2 certificates. We may accept certificates from other courses from any organisation in any country, if you can prove a good level in a variety of watersports. 



Sailing Level 1 and 2

How to proceed?

Book onto Watersports Camp with Imagine and work towards your Level 1 and 2 Sailing Certificate. Alternatively, you can show a certificate of a similar level of sailing from any other organisation. 


Skiing / Snowboarding

Advanced Ski or Snowboarding level

How to proceed?

Get to an advanced level of skiing or snowboarding, through camps, clubs and lessons with Imagine, or from any other instructor. If you have a Skiing Progress Card from Imagine, we can check your level on that. If you don’t have, then please send videos of your best skills, so we can judge your level.  



Climbing Level 1

How to proceed?

At the time of writing, Imagine does not yet offer public climbing courses. So please learn to climb through any reliable organisation anywhere, and obtain a certificate that confirms you have all the basic skills for Bouldering and Indoor High Wall climbing. Alternatively, you may send videos of your best skills. Please get in touch if you would like us to arrange a private climbing group course in your area, using qualified instructors from our network of outdoor specialists. 

Hiking and Camping Overnight Adventure

Plan and carry out a two-day camping adventure in the nature. 

Every adventure is different, that’s why they are so fun! So this one is flexible. Just show us through photos, videos or stories, that your adventure was a real new challenge for you, and you learnt a lot from it, we will most likely accept it. It must include an overnight stay, out in the nature, in a tent. You must carry your own tent, sleeping bag and everything else. It must include some hiking. A responsible adult must be with you on the adventure for safety reasons. Adults, please ensure you have the necessary experience to keep your kids safe out there!

If you like, you could arrange a chat with an Imagine instructor to get some useful advice beforehand.

If you would like Imagine to organise a suitable private adventure trip, just get in touch. For this, it’s best if you can find a group of friends who want to go together.

Keep us updated as you plan your adventure, we will be excited to hear about your plans!



Climb a mountain

Climb a Mountain

How to proceed?

Somehow, anywhere, any time, you must climb or walk to the top of a mountain. Take a selfie from the peak, and send it to us. The mountain can be big or small, snowy or rocky, warm or cold, and it can take you three hours, or three days, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you reach the peak using your own body’s power, and you must feel that it was truly a personal challenge for your current age and level. An adult must accompany you, and if there is any camping, rock climbing or anything else technical, please ensure you have the appropriate guides and instructors to keep it safe. For most people, it is best to choose a mountain with a footpath, and hike up and down it within one day time. Only add more difficulty if you are already very experienced.   

Send photos of you doing anything exciting up there! We always love to see what you get up to.

If you would like Imagine to arrange your mountain hike, first gather a group of friends who want to do it together, and then get in touch to discuss. 


Action Video

Shoot and edit five short action videos. Each video should be of a different sport, choosing from: Horse Riding, Archery, Parkour, Windsurfing, Surfing, Water-skiing, Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Ice Skating, Monkey Bars, Slack-line, Scuba Diving, or other approved action or adventure sport of your choice

9 to 12 year-olds may have help with the editing. 13 to 18 year old must edit by themselves. There is no requirement for how long or good the edits are, or how good you are at these sports. Just demonstrate that you have experienced five action sports, and enjoy the process of creative video-making. 




Action and Adventure Knowledge

After you have completed all the other stages, get in touch, and you will be given some final written tasks.

The adventure story that inspires you most

First read a few adventure stories, in your own time. Anything that inspires you, from any time and any country. Then pick one, and write about it. Tell us why you love that story, and what it makes you think. 

Written Test: Adventure knowledge

Answer some questions about adventure topics. These might be about mountains, oceans, rocks, weather, forests, knots, boats, snow, food, fire, animals, sports, anything related to adventure. If you fail, you will get to attempt it again. But you will pass the Adventure Award when you can answer enough correctly. 


adventurer-medalThe Rewards



Adventurer Certificate

You will receive an framed Adventurer Certificate

Free access to Camps

As a Certified Adventurer, you will receive free access to some Imagine Camps as an instructor’s assistant.


Goodies from Imagine.

Imagine Certified Adventurer patches for bag and coat.

Imagine Certified Adventurer T-Shirt

Classic yellow and blue imagine instructor hoodie


Sense of Achievement

Nothing like that feeling we have when completing something that was challenging but ultimately very rewarding. After completing your Adventurer Track, that feeling will be all yours.

Additionally, as a Certified Adventurer, you will be mention on Imagine website and other media.

How to sign up for the award?

Very easy, just click 'Sign Up' below, then fill in the form.

After Signing Up you will be posted a free Adventurer Handbook, with a checklist to record your progress. As you progress, you are welcome to meet with Imagine to discuss any part of it. We are here to support and guide you towards this great Achievement!