Ski Camp

Nanshan Ski Resort  南山滑雪场

Join our outdoor ski camp with professional English speaking instructors in Nanshan Ski resort this winter!



Dec 17th - 21st (Only Chongli Ski Camp for this date - Check here)

Dec 24th - 28th

Jan 21st - 25th

Jan 28th - Feb 1st

Feb 4th - 8th

Feb 11th - 15th

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Our Ski Team

Note: You can book any of our instructors for private lessons in Beijing or Chongli

General Information general 基本信息

Dates 日期: 

Dec 17th - 21st (Only Chongli Ski Camp for this date - Check here)

Dec 24th - 28th

Dec 31st - Jan 4th (Only Chongli Ski Camp for this date - Check here

Jan 21st - 25th

Jan 28th - Feb 1st

Feb 4th - 8th

Feb 11th - 15th

Where 地点: 

Nanshan Ski Resort 南山滑雪场

Duration 时长: 

All-day 全天

Ages 年龄: 


Transport provided in the following picking points: 接送点信息:

Cost 价格: 

1100RMB / Day

+100RMB / Day on Holidays

(Please choose at least 3 days 三天起订)

Sign up with two more friends and all get 100 RMB discount per day!


Is the equipment included 包含装备吗?

Yes, equipment is included, it can be rented in the resort.

Skiers can bring their own equipment if they wish so.


Key points 重要提示

  • Skiers will be picked up every morning, and send back to the same location the same day in the afternoon.
  • Parents need to make sure kids bring a packed lunch.
  • 学员每天早上到报名填写的接送点上车,下午送回
  • 家长需要为学员准备午餐。

For more information, please check our FAQ page here

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Lessons Content & Ski Level


Please take note of the level of your kid(s), you will need it for signing up

Level 1- First Timer

You Can:

You have never skied before.

You Will Learn:

In your first lesson,  you will learn all about the equipment and safety aspects of skiing. You will learn how to get around in your boots, move around on your skis, how to slide, balance and most importantly how to stop. Using a basic wedge (snow plow, pizza, arrow, 八) you will learn to control your speed and turn.

Level 2- Learn to Turn

You Can:

You’ve skied before but would like to improve your confidence. You are able to stop and change direction on beginner or very gentle slopes.

You Will Learn:

In this lesson, we will be focusing on how to control your speed through turn shapes and the slope. We will also learn how to increase speed without loss of control or confidence. We will begin taking away the dependence on the wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow, 八) for control.

Level 3 – Learn to Parallel

You Can:

You have mastered the wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow, 八) and can navigate your way on all beginners slopes with total confidence. You are ready for the next challenge

You Will Learn:
We will work on technique with the goal of eliminating the wedge (snow plough, pizza, arrow, 八). The goal of this lesson is having our skis in a parallel or natural position, using the slope for speed control.

Level 4 - Improving Parallel skiing

You Can:

You are mostly parallel and skiing on intermediate slopes, using the mountain to control your speed. You still struggle on steeper slopes.

You Will Learn:

Refining your parallel turns with the aim of progressing to steeper and more varied terrain. You will refine your skills so that you can do shorter, smoother turns.

Level 5 Advanced Tactics

You Can:

 You are master of much of the mountain, tackling intermediate slopes with ease. Speed control on groomed runs is no longer an issue. You are wanting to explore the steepest runs and off-piste. 

You will Learn:

To refine your short turns, carving skills, speed control and learn tactics for advanced runs and off-piste.

Level 6 Become the Master

You Can: You are an expert skier, you love the thrill of speed. You can ski on any slope with confidence. You want to master situational skiing such as moguls, steeps, powder, ice, racing, and freestyle.

Description of Lesson:
We will work on fine motor skills so that you can deal with anything the mountain can throw at you. Learning how to use correct tactical approach to use the mountain to your needs. We can also offer instructor training at this level should you wish to become a professional.



一级 – 初学者



二级 – 学习转弯



三级 – 学习平行式



四级 – 提高平行式



五级 – 高级技能



六级 – 成为高手