Chinese National Holiday - 国庆9天乐

From 30th Sep to 08th Oct - 从9月30日- 10月8日


On this camp, kids will have the chance to participate in some of Imagine most iconic adventures: 



Indoor Ski - 室内滑雪

Climbing - 室内攀岩

Parkour - 跑酷

Civilisation Game - 文明帝国游戏

Adventure Park - 奇妙探险乐园

Development Through Action & Adventure

General Information


Sign Up Deadline: 17th Sep 2017 – 报名截止日期: 2017年9月17日

Ages: 7 – 14

Location: Several locations in Beijing


How many days? – Choose at least 2 days from a total of 9 days



Transport: Includes Transport – 包含交通费


Discounts: Get a 100 RMB discount per day by signing up with two more friends


Indoor Ski - 室内滑雪

Available on two dates - 开营时间

Divided into two levels: Beginner & Advanced - 分成两个组别:初级 & 中高级

September 30th & October 06th -  9月30日和10月6日


Indoor Ski Information


Glide down the snowy slopes on this fabulous day, all with the professional supervision of our instructors from Europe. 

SKI 我们有来自欧洲专业滑雪教练的专业指导,在白雪皑皑的世界里,孩子们将沿着坡体滑下,让孩子们体验夏季中的雪。


Whether you have experience skiing or not, it does not matter, this will be a great adventure with the highest levels of safety, a great day to start Adventure Camp! 



900RMB / Day – 天


Climbing - 室内攀岩

Available on two dates - 开营时间

October 01st & 07th - 10月1日和 7日

Indoor Climbing Information


In a safe indoor climbing centre, learn big wall climbing, bouldering, slack lining (like walking the tight rope), rope climbing and much more!

在一个安全的室内攀岩场所,孩子们将会学习在一面很大的墙体上抱石训练、走扁带(就像在很细绳子上走路),带绳攀爬等等,给孩子们一个不一样的 ” 攀岩 ” 体验。


700RMB / Day – 天


Parkour - 跑酷营

Available on two dates - 开营时间

October 02nd & 08th - 10月2日和10月8 日

Parkour Information


Parkour is like gymnastics, but cooler and freer. It involves jumping, grabbing, vaulting, balancing, landing, climbing and so much more!

It is a great foundation for other freestyle sports. Kids will learn the foundations of parkour in a fun way with Imagine’s professional European instructors.




700RMB / Day – 天


Civilisation Game - 文明帝国游戏

This activity is designed to cover two days - 此活动旨在涵盖两天

Part 1: October 03rd

Part 2: October 04th

Civilisation Game Information


In this game, kids will have to use their imagination and skills to build the best possible civilization in the forest. For this purpose, there will be a series of materials and tools scattered all over the land at our camp in Huairou. 

文明游戏是最Imagine经典的一个活动,是由Imagine创始人 彼特 构思。在这个游戏中,孩子们将用他们的想象力和技能,在森林中利用营地中自然资源以及工具,建设属于他们自己的文明帝国。


Our camp includes forests, hills, caves and even a beautiful river, the perfect place for a great adventure. In addition, the game has defined rules, kids will be divided into groups, which will have to cooperate internally, but also compete with other groups. Civilisation Game is an adventure created by the founder of Imagine. Peter Tupper. 



750RMB / Day – 天


Adventure Park - 探险公园

Available on one date - 开营时间 

October 05th - 10月5日

Adventure Park Information


Imagine instructors will take kids to an adventure park, which is located on the outskirts of Beijing. 



This day includes archery, outdoor climbing, hiking, adventure trail, jeep 4X4 driving (Driving a test car, safely assisted by an adult), ice cream & cake making and much more! 



This will also be a day full of fun & adventure! 



750RMB / Day – 天

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  • 早上 9:00 枯柳树环岛北 ( 近后沙峪地铁 )


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