Get adventure experts on board with your school's DofE program!


If your school currently provides the Duke of Edinburgh Award to students, you will be aware of the Adventurous Journey component, which requires students to embark upon a human-powered journey. These endeavours are 2-5 days long, depending on whether students are attempting their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

With our extensive experience organising hikes and outdoor education programmes of all kinds across a vast range of wild destinations, Imagine are well placed to assist your school with these Journeys. 

Group Size

12-150 Students

Date and Time

Any two to five days, between April and October.


A huge range of options, from the Great Wall of China or the valleys of Miyun to the bamboo forests of Moganshan, or as far as the rugged coastlines of Hong Kong. Simply let us know how far you’d like to venture from your school, which Award Level it is for (Bronze, Silver or Gold), and the group size, and we will recommend a suitable location. 


Students must guide themselves along their own qualifying journey, and in order for them to do so, we equip them with the training and tools needed. Imagine instructors lead sessions on map-reading and compass bearings, and the Practice Journey is the ideal time to try all of this out before the big day!  


The Adventurous Journey Component of the Award is often the highlight of the DofE program. Not only is it an enjoyable and eye-opening experience, but it develops character across a wide range of areas: 




Social skills




Nature Appreciation

Grit and Determination


All these while having fun and solidifying friendships for life!


Journeys often include camping as part of the challenge, and we can provide equipment, planning, logistical support and experienced camping guides to ensure students have a safe yet challenging and rewarding experience.