About Imagine

Imagine brings inspirational outdoor adventures to international schools, corporate teams, youth and adults in China, East and South East Asia.

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The Team

All our international and local instructors are carefully chosen for their skills and experience in their specific field, whether facilitating creative games, teaching survival skills, ski instructing, leading expeditions or any other outdoor activity. All staff speak English, and one thing they all have in common is a smile on their face and a love of what they do!

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Founder and Story

Pete Tupper is a British outdoor education professional with many years of experience managing adventure companies in China and Asia. Imagine’s unique approach to adventure design has its foundations in Pete’s passion for creative, engaging activities, action sports, and a strong belief in the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle.

Originally a professional ski instructor in Austria, he moved to China with a bachelor degree in Mandarin Chinese, and begun offering weekend ski trips for families in Beijing. Soon he created Imagine, and expanded the range and scale of activities and locations over the years. His mission is to inspire development in people through action and adventure, by maintaining a reliable and well-known adventure brand, to promote outdoor lifestyle and culture.

Adventure education-related videos, articles and documentaries featuring Pete can be found on various channels online.

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Imagine is the trade name of Imagine Culture Development (Beijing) Limited (意漫群文化传播(北京)有限公司), a Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprise registered in Beijing, held by Enjoyment Culture International Ltd., a Hong Kong-registered holding company, which is owned by Imagine’s British founder, Pete, who splits his time between Mainland China and other regions in Asia. There are also Imagine branches in Taiwan and Japan under separate entities with different structures. Programs in other parts of Asia are operated by the HK company and/or through partner companies in each country.