An action-packed 3 days of adventure sports, combined with our signature Civilisation Game, all while immersed in the incredible bamboo forest world of Moganshan, East China.


Moganshan, (aka Mount Mogan) is an incredible area of bamboo forests, lakes and hills in Deqing, Zhejiang, just 60km from Hangzhou and 200km from Shanghai. Known as a popular escape for its refreshing cool temperatures during the hot months, and a relaxed vibe in the local villages, it is also a big hit with intrepid groups of school adventurers! 



Starting with only basic supplies and materials, students compete in teams to create the best 'Civilisation' out of bamboo in the forest.

The group are first given a brief training course in various useful skills for their challenges, such as how to use tools safely, build a shelter, build a raft, make a fire and understand the natural elements, plants, and wildlife around them.

After this training, they are taken to an empty forest space, with basic tools and materials, and the Civilisation Game will begin.

By the end, they will have built their own structures, found ways to cook food, and organised themselves into effective teams with systems of governance, laws, and other features of a modern society.

They even start to trade and negotiate with other teams, for mutual prosperity across the civilisation. This will be concluded with a discussion of which systems and approaches were most effective, and what they have learned from this experience.

The game covers a broad range of skills and topics:


Law and order

Governance systems

Efficiency and effectiveness



Economic principals

Bushcraft and survival skills

Wildlife knowledge


Social skills

All these while having fun and making close new friendships!

Raft Building

Every good civilisation has a means of transport. When surrounded by bamboo, what better option than to create a bamboo raft! 

Imagine like to run this activity in a student-led fashion. Rather than dictating how the raft should be made, we give students the resources and allow them to figure out and decide for themselves how to go about the challenge as a team. 

This is followed by an exciting race (between those that float!) 


The best way to sleep on Mount Mogan is under the stars. Students camp in tents in a beautiful, clean and safe grassy area, complete with showers and other facilities. 

Ropes, Walls and More Ropes!

In collaboration with local facilities operated to internationally accredited standards, our Moganshan programs typically include a wide range of options of adrenaline-pumping activities, such as rock climbing, abseiling, a high ropes course, an obstacle course and an epic zip-line.

These are all installed and operated to international certified standards and are perfectly safe. However, they are not for the faint-hearted! The heights and proportions are on a bigger scale than many will have tired before – perfect if what your students really need is to get out of their comfort zones…

All trip elements are fully customisable, so if there is any need to, we can easily switch parts out for alternatives closer to the ground.

Further Info

Trip Length

2-7 days (3 is most typical)


Group Sizes

Generally 20-55. Contact us for special requests.



8-18 (and adults!)

Time of Year 

April to October

Getting there

Trips include coach transport from Hangzhou, Shanghai and neighbouring cities.

If coming from further afield, just travel to Hangzhou or Shanghai and we arrange transport from airport/station pick-up onwards.