In a beautiful natural setting, build a raft, a shelter and a campfire, and learn about navigation, wildlife and more!


The benefits of outdoor survival training are endless. Students will develop leadership, team-work and communication skills by working together to complete a series of exciting challenges. Activities are led by Imagine’s own team of experienced experts, who lead Survival Camps in China based on a detailed, tried and tested curricula for all ages, year round. This is one of our most popular school trips!

Group Size

16-100 Students

Date and Time

Any 1-5 days, between April and November. Water sports between May and Early October.

Suggested pickup time: 8.30am. Arrive back at 16.00 (flexible).


A scenic natural park surrounding a beautiful lake, 1 hour east from central Shanghai.

How does it work?

We set up a series of survival training activity stations. Each survival challenge can accommodate several teams at a time. Some teams do one challenge while other teams do other challenges, ‘rotating’ around the activity stations. On multi-day itineraries, a Scavenger Hunt is often added, which combines simple orienteering with mini challenges which test each of the skills learned throughout the program.


Survival Logo

Below are some examples of the possible activity stations. According to the weather, group size and other factors, we will choose the most appropriate combination for the day. There is no guarantee of doing everything listed here.

Choosing Your Camp – Discover the secrets to choosing the perfect camp location; it’s not as easy as you think!

Shelter Building – Compete in teams to build the best shelter, using only rope, wood and leaves from the forest.

Knife skills – Learn essential safety points and techniques for carefully using a knife in the outdoors. A valuable skill for life.

Tents and Hammocks – Put up a tent unassisted, and if you have time left, put up a hammock

Intro to Fire Making – See which team can make the best fire from materials around the forest. Also, learn some cool ways to light a fire in the wilderness.

Advanced Fire Making – Learn fire structures that channel or block airflow, and structures designed for prolonged overnight burning.

Survival Theory – Do you think like a survivor? Our experts will use mental exercises to teach you important and potentially life-saving survival theory.

Build a Trap – Use your creativity and a variety of materials, to design a fish or animal trap (no animals really harmed).

Morse Code – Learn and practise this classic method of conveying messages across long distances by light or sound.

Natural Orienteering – Learn to navigate through the wilderness using only nature around you.

Water Filtration – Learn how to find and filter water when lost in the wild.

Bug Discovery – Get to know the neighbours!

Raft Building (May to Early October) – Compete in teams to design and build a raft from bamboo logs and rope, then race the rafts on the river!


What to bring

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities in the forest. If the weather is warm and your activity will include water activities, please take a second set of clothes and shoes that can get wet and a towel, as your trip will include water activities! 


The location is 45 minutes to 1 hour from downtown Shanghai. Transport can be provided by Imagine or by the School, there are different quotes for each option. 


On single day trips, students and teachers should bring a packed lunch, unless adding a lunch option. On overnight trips, Imagine instructors teach students how to make a fire-cooked meal! A rural restaurant is also used when multiple meals are included in an itinerary.


Please send all students’ full names, dates of birth, ID/Passport numbers and genders at least a week before the activity, so we can buy outdoor activity insurance for them.


Please enquire below.


Archery – Learn the ancient skills necessary to master the art of the bow and arrow. Test your newly acquired marksmanship skills on the archery range. Bullseye!

Archery Tag – Archery Tag is like a mashup of archery and dodgeball! Grab a bow, aim with foam-tipped arrows, and tag your friends out. It’s a safe and thrilling game that blends skill and strategy.

Mountain Biking – Mountain biking is the ultimate thrill on two wheels! Tear through trails, conquer obstacles, and tour the beautiful park. It’s a heart-pounding adventure that combines adrenaline, skill, and the great outdoors.

Rock Climbing – Rock climbing on a climbing wall is like defying gravity on your own mini-mountain! Scale the walls, navigate the grips, and conquer the heights. It’s a vertical puzzle that blends fitness, focus, and fun.

Trampolining – Trampolining is bouncing bliss! Spring into the air, defy gravity, and unleash your flips and tricks. It’s a gravity-defying, laughter-inducing adventure that turns every jump into a thrill.

Kayaking – Kayaking on a lake is liquid serenity with a splash of adventure! Glide through calm waters, explore the lake, and enjoy the tranquility. It’s a paddle-powered escapade that combines relaxation with a touch of excitement.


Paddle Boarding – Paddleboarding is the art of walking on water! Stand tall on your board, paddle through gentle ripples, and soak in the scenery. It’s a tranquil yet exhilarating experience that balances relaxation and fun.