Take your students for a safe, fun Ski Trip with English-speaking instructors in Chongli or Beijing

School Ski Trip Chongli


Ski instructors in Beijing & Chongli

Imagine are the leading specialists in international school ski trips in Chongli and Beijing. 

Skiing is an exhilarating experience for students, great for confidence, bravery, fitness and appreciation of mountains and nature, and is very safe when organised professionally with qualified ski instructors. 

We arrange bespoke trips for many top schools in China. Just get in touch to arrange a follow-up phone call or meeting, and our specialised representatives will help to put together the perfect trip for your group’s needs. 


We have a strong connection with Thaiwoo Ski Resort in Chongli, where we are able to offer the best combination of instructors, accommodation and excellent skiing conditions. Thaiwoo is in Chongli, 2 hours from Beijing, suitable for a trip of 2-5 days. If you prefer a single day trip, we take you to Nanshan ski resort, 1 hour from Beijing. For even longer, more adventurous trips with even more excellent skiing conditions, we recommend our School Ski Trips to Japan.

Imagine is owned and managed by qualified, English-speaking ski instructors, and we have operated as a team of ski instructors for many years. In fact, school ski trips were how it all began!

These days, the industry has developed a lot and we now like to work together with selected instructors from the ski resorts, as well as a few of our own. We also have arrangements with resorts whereby we ‘share’ instructors, so that on the day, your instructors may be from the Imagine team, but representing the resort ski school, or vice versa. Many are foreigners, some are Chinese. All speak fluent English, have international ski instructor qualifications and at least a season of experience, usually many more seasons, in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, China and/or Japan.

Chongli resorts are open from around 1st November to 1st April each year. Weekdays are cheaper and less crowded than weekends and national holidays, so school term time weekdays are ideal, but any time is good.

Nanshan and Beijing resorts are open from around 5th December til 1st March each year. 

Japan is usually best from late December til late March, and easiest to find available accommodation during term times. 

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