Feb & April Hainan Surfing Camp



Feb 13th-17th (CNY holidays)

Apr 1st-5th




Enjoy a complete change of scene this winter or spring holiday in the tropical paradise of Hainan Island. What better place to learn the exciting sport of surfing! And who better to learn with than your favourite instructors from Imagine!

Our surfing destination is located in Wanning, Hainan, boasting a coastline of 109 kilometers with natural conditions perfectly suited for surfing. Particularly, Riyue Bay is renowned as one of the world’s top ten surfing destinations, attracting surfers and enthusiasts from around the globe. Here, you’ll be able to unleash your passion, enjoy the thrill of surfing, and experience the charm of nature.


我们的冲浪地点位于海南万宁日月湾,这里拥有长达109千米的海岸线,天然条件非常适合冲浪运动。日月湾,被誉为世界十大冲浪胜地之一,吸引着来自全球的冲浪运动员和热爱冲浪的人们。在这里,你将能够尽情释放激情,享受冲浪的乐趣,感受大自然的魅力。 与Imagine的外教一起度过这个寒假,你将收获难忘的冲浪经历,留下美好的回忆。让我们一起在这片天然冲浪乐园中畅游,感受海的呼唤,探索未知的冒险。

Surfing is a sport that requires courage, under the guidance of instructors, students will learn about the structure of surfboards, how to read waves, and the correct surfing posture. Kids try their best to catch each wave, embarking on the journey with the waves and wind.

Learning and experiencing the entire process of how a cocoa tree transforms into delicious chocolate. Using the cocoa tree as a starting point, children can delve deep into the ecosystem and diversity of tropical plants, enhancing their understanding of the wonders of nature.


Day 1

AM: Meet at Sanya Phoenix Airport and transport to Wanning


Students may fly from anywhere in China to Sanya Phoenix Airport, where they will be greeted by Imagine’s friendly team. We will also have a team member flying from Beijing, so if you prefer for your child to fly at the same time as them, please contact Imagine Customer Service to get more details.

During the bus journey from Sanya to Wanning, our local expert will introduce the unique climate and rich marine ecology of Hainan.



PM: Check-in; Explore hotel; Imagine beach games!


After checking into the beautiful hotel by the beach, our team will take students on a tour of the hotel facilities.

The group will come together to play many icebreaker games in teams such as capture the flag and ultimate frisbee. Icebreaker games are crucial for team building, improving communication, fostering collaboration among team members, breaking down initial barriers, and promoting camaraderie within the team.


Evening: Opening Ceremony; Sharing Surf Culture


Day 2

AM: Surfing Class 1 


There’s nothing better than the feeling of catching a wave for the first time (or 1000th time!). The lessons will begin in a beautiful swimming pool and hotel garden in the morning, introduction to Surfing Equipment and basic Surfing and Water Safety, to get used to the basic techniques of paddling, balancing, popping up, and standing on the board.

无论是第一次还是第一千次,都没有什么比第一次成功地冲上海浪更令人愉悦的了!早上教练带着孩子们来到酒店游泳池和花园展开一天的冲浪课程,首先教练介绍冲浪设备、冲浪与水上安全知识。之后, 孩子们在教练的带领下在泳池或者陆地熟悉划桨、平衡、迅速站立以及站在冲浪板上的基本技巧。

PM: Surfing Class 2 


After all preparations, we will take students to the beach for our first surfing class in the ocean. Instructors will start the class with an ocean safety briefing that includes: understanding the beach, wave dynamics, recognizing safe entry and exit points for surfers, awareness of weather patterns and their impact on surfing conditions, education about local marine life, potential hazards like jellyfish or sharks, procedures for handling common surfing emergencies. Groups focus on learning how to surf on paddleboards in the sea, emphasizing the correct surfing posture and maintaining balance on the board.


Evening: Movie night


Day 3

AM: Surfing Class 3 


Self-catching waves / Standing on the Board / Surfers: by observing the shape and movement of the waves independently decide when to catch a suitable wave. Judging the size, shape, speed, and other characteristics of the wave ensures that the caught wave aligns with the surfer’s skill level. Surfers need to quickly stand up at the moment the wave propels them, ensuring a smooth takeoff and maintaining balance.




After introducing the safety tips and the technique for controlling a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board, kids will have a whale of a time maneuvering their board and having races. Brave kids will progress from sitting to kneeling to standing; possibly even doing handstands, forward rolls, and other tricks! 


Evening: Quiz night 


Day 4

AM: Surfing Class 4


Turning Practice – including an introduction to bottom turn and cutback, surfers need to learn how to use their body’s center of gravity and limb movements to achieve turning. Turning exercises involve precise control of the feet, and learning how to control the edges of the surfboard with the feet. Through systematic turning practice, surfers can gradually enhance their flexibility and control in the waves, enabling them to maneuver the surfboard more freely and derive greater enjoyment from the surfing experience.

介绍转向练习包括底部转向(bottom turn)和回转(cutback)冲浪者需要学习如何运用身体的重心和肢体动作来实现转向转向练习涉及到对脚部的精确控制,学习如何用脚控制冲浪板的边缘通过系统的转向练习,冲浪者可以逐步提高在波浪中的灵活性和控制力,使他们能够更自如地驾驭冲浪板,并在冲浪过程中获得更多的乐趣

PM: Surfing Test

Through the assessment, gain a comprehensive understanding of the learning outcomes of novice surfers in a short period, ensuring they can safely and effectively enjoy the sport of surfing.


Evening: Night Tour on the Beach


Day 5

AM: Cocoa Plantation

After breakfast – drive for 25 minutes to a unique cocoa plantation in Wanning, where we learn and experience the entire process from a cocoa tree to delicious chocolate. Under the guidance of the instructor, the children gain insights into the growth environment, habits, and characteristics of cocoa trees. Students observe various parts of the cocoa tree up close, including fruits, leaves, and the trunk, and explore a tropical botanical garden to learn about various tropical plants, including those neighboring cocoa trees,

Having gained knowledge about cocoa trees, it is now time to follow the instructor and learn how to make chocolate. The class covered the entire chocolate-making process, from extracting cocoa beans to understanding baking and grinding, all the way to the finished product. Finally, everyone enjoyed tasting delicious chocolate while listening to the instructor discuss the sustainability of the cocoa industry.


吃完早餐,我们会驱车25分钟到万宁当地一个非常有特色可可种植园,学习和体验从一棵可可树到美味巧克力的全过程。在老师的讲解下孩子们通过了解可可树的生长环境、习性和特点,近距离观察可可树的各个部分,包括果实、树叶和树干。观热带植物园,了解各种热带植物,包括与可可树相邻的其他植物。 了解了可可树后,是时候跟着老师学习如何制作巧克力了,学习巧克力的制作过程,包括从可可豆的提取、了解烘焙、研磨到成品的全过程。最后,大家一边品尝美味的巧克力,一边听老师讲可可产业的可持续性。

PM: Take bus to Sanya Phoenix Airport

On the last day we will take everyone back to Sanya airport to get their flights back. You can book on any flight between 2pm and 7pm.

It may be emotional for everyone to say goodbye to their newly made friends and to beautiful Wanning. As kids go to sleep that night at home their dreams will be filled with waves, boards, palm trees, self-made chocolate, and sunshine.




To allow more kids to participate in our Hainan surf camp, we are delighted to offer an exciting discount.


Great value offers Price (up to 31% off)
( ¥16880 (CNY holiday) / ¥15880 (April)
¥12380 (CNY holidays) / ¥10980 (April) 




 Feb 13th-17th / 2024 (CNY holidays)
1st-5th April

Package Includes

  • Activities and Instruction from Imagine’s English-speaking outdoor sports instructors,
  • Equipment for activities
  • Hotels for 4 nights
  • Outdoor sports insurance for activities (note: this is not the same as travel insurance, which you should take out)
  • All entrance tickets
  • All meals
  • All bus, boat and transport fees
  • Sanya Airport pick-up/drop off
  • Travel insurance


  • 来自Imagine全英文外教的各项活动的执行和指导;
  • 活动中使用到的各项器材;
  • 四晚的住宿;
  • 户外活动专项保险(请注意:与普通旅行保险不同);
  • 所有的门票和入场费;
  • 所有的餐饮;
  • 所有的车费、船费等运输费用;
  • 三亚机场的接送机;
  • 旅行保险


Early Bird: ¥500 off
 (Sign up and pay 1 month in advance, and repost the camp in Moments or a group chat)

Sign up with 2~4 friends: ¥300 off
Sign up with 5~8 friends: ¥500 off


早鸟价: 500元折扣 (提前一个月报名且支付,并转发朋友圈或群)

3~5人同期团购: 优惠¥300
6~9人同期团购: 优惠¥500


After you submit the sign-up form, you could pay by scanning the QR code and leave the name of your child in the comments of the payment page.

Imagine Customer Service will get in contact with you 1 week before the camp and give you further details.





[email protected]



We completely understand the concern of doing this for the first time. But just think, it is a great development opportunity for them, and will really grow their confidence. It’s totally safe, don’t worry. Most airlines are happy to arrange a great service where airline staff accompany the student from where you hand them over at the airport, to ensure they go the right way and catch their flight. You can also let them take a mobile phone to call if they need to. Upon arrival, the airline staff will escort the student all the way until they are handed over to Imagine staff. Please discuss the details of the service with your chosen airline. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Imagine customer service.


All meals are provided. There will be a mixture of Western Food, Chinese Food and even some local Hainan fresh food such as fish, coconuts and other healthy fruit! Please notify us of any dietary requirements.


Safe! The ratio between instructor and campers shall not exceed 1:3, and the ratio between instructors and campers shall be 1:1 when teaching in the sea, and the instructors shall stand behind the children to ensure that the students are in sight and within the scope of help.

According to the “State General Administration of Sport Water Sports Management Center Surfing Level Teaching Materials”, one-star L1, L2: swimming level and surfing skill level are not required.