Civilisation Game


Starting with only basic supplies and materials, students must compete in teams to create the best 'Civilisation' in a forest over 2-5 days!


In one of Imagine’s most loved activity inventions, Civilisation Game, the students are challenged to build up their own civilisation from scratch in a beautiful riverside forest setting.

The group will first be given a brief training course in various useful skills for their challenges, such as how to use tools safely, build a shelter, build a raft, make a fire and understand the natural elements, plants, and wildlife around them.

After this training, in an empty forest space, with limited resources unequally distributed between groups, the Civilisation Game will begin.

After a few days, they will have built their own bamboo structures, found ways to cook food, and organised themselves into effective teams with systems of governance, laws, culture, history, art, music, fashion, security, transport, plumbing, agriculture, entertainment and other features of a modern society. Or simply slipped into a chaotic anarchy. Time to see how well you really know your students! 

They may even trade and negotiate with other teams, for mutual prosperity across the civilisations. Or just begin an arms race or start a trade war. 

There’s no right and wrong in this game. It is a chance to learn through experience in a simulation of the world at large. We conclude with a discussion of which systems and approaches were most effective, what they would do differently next time, and what else they have learned along the way.

Group Size

20-150 Students

Date and Time

Any two to five days, between April and October. Rafting between May and September.

Suggested pickup time first day: 8.30am

Arrive back at 15.30 on last day (flexible).


A mountainous, riverside forest area in Huairou District.


The game covers a broad range of educational outcomes:




Law and order

Governance systems

Efficiency and effectiveness



Economic principals

Bushcraft and survival skills

Wildlife knowledge


Social skills


All these while having fun and making close new friendships!



The location is 1.5 hours from downtown Beijing or 1 hour from Shunyi. Transport from a reputable coach company is provided by Imagine and included in the quote. 

Groups coming from other cities can be collected from their point of arrival in Beijing. 


Meals alternate between classic rural Chinese round-table restaurant meals and meals cooked by students themselves on their own fires in the forest! All ingredients and cooking equipment provided. Students bring own re-usable eating utensils. 

We usually request students to bring a packed lunch for the first day, to save time on an exciting and busy schedule outdoors. But an extra lunch can be added if preferred. 


Please send all students’ full names, dates of birth, ID/Passport numbers and genders at least a week before the activity, so we can buy outdoor sports insurance for them.

What to bring

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities in the forest. If the weather is warm and your activity will include water activities, please take a second set of clothes and shoes that can get wet and a towel. 


Please enquire below.



There is a fantastic, safe field for camping right next to our forest base. We can accommodate groups of up to 150 students. There are also enough rooms available for the same group sizes. On a three-day programme, many groups choose to do one night in the rooms and one night camping. 

We provide the tents and mats and generally usually ask students to bring sleeping bags. 


Our Huairou base offers more forest and convenient facilities and is our primary recommendation. But if you’ve been there before and want a more wild and rugged location, then we can bring the Civilisation Game to Miyun.

This is about 2 hours away from most Beijing schools and suitable for a two or three day adventure, with camping and hiking. It is true wilderness, in a huge valley surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. There’s even a big cave to explore! It’s also possible to combine hikes in this area with a visit to a nearby environmental education centre.