Applying is easy!

The Advantages

  • Get 1000RMB in FREE credit to use in any of our activities
  • VIP priority Customer Service
  • No need to FILL more forms when signing up for activities with Imagine,  just give us your name and will do the rest
  • Choose one of our three gifts (hat, bag or t-shirt)
  • Get your Membership Card posted to your address

Steps for applying:

  • Fill-in the form below with the requested information and send it
  • Top up 10,000 RMB
  • Receive the Imagine Membership Card on your postal address
  • Get 1000 RMB on free credit from Imagine and enjoy!

Imagine Membership Card Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully our terms & conditions


Application Form

The card will be posted to this address

Family Members Section:

Input Example:

Dan Weber , E839908 ,  2005/04/23

Jen Weber , E8387638 ,  2006/03/09


 Name , ID / Passport , Birthday (YY/MM/DD)

Conditions Section:

Gets 1000 RMB on additional FREE credit

The fee is 10,000 RMB but in your card you will have 11,000 RMB

Please read thoroughly the Waiver of Liability form (PDF)

Contact: or call 010 5739 4933

中文咨询请拨 010 5739 4933