Exclusive Private Ski & Snowboard Lessons


Private ski and snowboard lessons are a great way to get special attention on individual techniques, and see dramatic improvements in skills. Having a private instructor also enables lessons to go at the appropriate pace, with the right balance of fun and learning for each individual student’s preferences and goals. Imagine provides private lessons to kids and adults of all ages and levels. We pride ourselves in a great track record for safety, fun and learning.

Private lessons can be arranged at various resorts around Beijing and Chongli, according to your own schedule. Our instructor will meet you at the resort and tailor the lesson to your exact needs. If you have a group of friends joining the lesson together, simply allocate one parent to book the lesson and split the costs between the participants.  

Students will be taught by fully qualified English-speaking instructors at a ratio of 1:1 – 1:4) .


我们拥有7年的滑雪营授课以及私教课程的教学经验,教练们也与Imagine长期教学合作。同时Imagine 也将提供单、双板私教课程。

拥有国际滑雪指导员资质的指导员将对孩子们以英语授课(教练与学员比例1:1 – 1:4)。


Full day private lesson (Ratio 1:1 – 1:4)

¥2500 – ¥5600 (depending on instructor)

o  Includes Full – Day English-language professional instructing fee (1:1 – 1:4) and instructor’s expenses. 

o  Ski insurance


单、双板 (教练配比可灵活安排在 1:1 – 1:4之间)

¥2500 – ¥5600


o 专业滑雪指导员英语教学 
o   户外运动保险


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