Survival Camp

Brave the outdoors and learn how to survive in real-life emergency situations in our new outdoor location.

Learn how to build your own shelter and put it to the test by sleeping in it for the night.

Explore multiple ways to start a fire, catch a fish, trap your own food, navigate and learn various escape scenarios.

Hike through the mountains, cross rivers and explore a stronger, wilder you.

Be prepared to get dirty!

Includes 2 nights camping in Miyun.

Overnight Camping, Camp Cooking, Advanced Fire making, Search & Rescue, Caves Exploration and More!

Note: This camp is for those with previous Survival / Adventure Camp experience








露营过夜, 野炊, 高阶生火技巧, 搜索营救, 洞穴探索

注:这个夏令营是为那些参加过Imagine生存/冒险活动营的小朋友准备的,是Adventure camp的升级版

On Summer and Autumn Holidays 2019

July 1st - 5th
July 15th - 19th
July 29th - August 2nd
August 5th - 9th
August 12th - 16th


Making fires, building rafts, crossing rivers, making traps and tools, building shelters... Survival Camp takes you to the great outdoors every morning and back home in the afternoon on the first 2 days, after that, includes 2 nights camping in Miyun.

This camp is for those with previous Survival / Adventure Camp experience

Ages: 7 - 14

Dates for Summer Camps:

  • July 1st - 5th
  • July 15th - 19th
  • July 29th - August 2nd
  • August 5th - 9th
  • August 12th - 16th


  • General price: 890 RMB / Day (Not less than 5 days in a row in July & August)
  • Early Bird: 790 RMB / Day (Sign-up and pay a month before the start)
  • 3 friends: 790 RMB / Day
  • 10 kids: 690 RMB / Day

Each camp consists of 5 days and you can get a discount if you sign up with other 2 for 10 friends, but also by signing up one month before the camp starts and pay the deposit 


  • 8:00 am - 5:45 pm at The Starbucks at the Lido Place, Metropark Lido Hotel
  • 8:30 am - 5:15 pm at Beijing Riviera
  • 9:00 am - 4:45 pm at North Edge of Ku Liu Shu Roundabout (Houshayu)

Note: The transportation arrangement may be adjusted according to the activity plan. Please refer to the latter time schedule.


详 细 信 息




  • 7月1日至5日
  • 7月15日至19日
  • 7月29日 – 8月2日
  • 8月5日至9日
  • 8月12日至16日


  • 早上8点丽都维景酒店星巴克门口(下午5点45返回)
  • 上午8点30北京香江花园(下午5点15返回)
  • 上午9点枯柳树环岛北侧(下午4点30返回)



  • 费用: 890 RMB / 天(连续不少于5天)
  • 早鸟价格: 790 RMB / 天 (活动开始前一个月报名并且完成付款)
  • 3位一起报名: 790 RMB / 天
  • 10位一起报名: 690 RMB / 天


Also Available

Private Survival Trips also available

Please inquire

Inspiring Development Through Action & Adventure 通过经历冒险活动来激励孩子们的身心发展

International Instructors 国际教练

Camping at Miyun 密云绿荫

Raft Building 搭建竹筏

BSA Bushcraft and Survival Association

All classes are taught by BSA-qualified (Bushcraft and Survival Association) guides with many years of experience leading survival camps abroad.

Kids aged 7-11 may now aim towards a BSA Junior Level 1, 2 or 3 certificate. To achieve each level, students must demonstrate a series of skills and answer a set of theory questions. Everyone will receive a handbook to track their progress.

Youth from 12-18 can work towards BSA Senior Level 1, 2 or 3 - a more challenging syllabus.

Older teenagers may work towards Junior Instructor Level 1 and 2, and come back for free to assist the instructors any time.

孩子年龄在7-11岁,目标在BSA 初级证书。要达到每一个层次,学生需要学习一系列技能,并可以回答一系列理论问题。每个人都会收到一本手册来记录他们的进展。

Trap Design 陷阱设计

Boost Creativity 激发创造力

Hiking 远足

Survival Level 2 Curriculum

Day 1

AM – Trap Building

PM – Advanced fire building techniques and advanced fire cooking

Day 2

Am – Navigation / Tracking

PM – Advanced fire cooking 2

Day 3

AM – Set up the campsite. Cave exploration

PM – River Crossing. Advanced fire lighting techniques. Camping

Day 4

Am – Hike. Navigation skills. Signaling

PM – Advanced shelter building and sleep in a shelter

Day 5

AM – Tick off whatever is left on the level 2 curriculum. Escape scenarios.

PM – Hike to bus



Day 1

上午 – 制作陷阱

下午 – 高阶生活技巧及做饭

Day 2

上午 – 户外导航/追踪

下午 – 高阶生活野炊技巧2

Day 3

上午 – 搭建营地,洞穴探险

下午 – 溯溪过河,高阶点火技巧,露营

Day 4

上午 – 徒步,导航,户外标记

下午 – 高阶搭建庇护所训练,夜宿在自建的营地庇护所

Day 5

上午 – 完成野外生存二级课程的知识点. 模拟紧急逃生.

下午 – 徒步到大巴上车点

Refreshing outdoor setting in the outskirts of Beijing 北京周边清爽宜人的郊区